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User Login Activity

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User Login Activity

Is there a report/Query or something through which I can get "Use Login Activity".


When was the last time user/s logged into MEGA?

How frequently they logged in?

Duration of Login?

What activities were performed?


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Re: User Login Activity

Hello Mukesh


There is not such reports/query/statistics.


Information is generated

  • Log of actions performed in the repository log (internal respository log)
  • Log of updates (dispatch) in environment report (megacrxx.txt)

In the future, information of this kind will also be saved in supervision logs


However this Information needs to processed/filtered and there is no standard report ready to use.

Reports would need to be designed, developped an tested specifically


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Re: User Login Activity

thanks for the update. At least I got awareness on what is possible and available, on this aspect.

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Re: User Login Activity

Hi Mukesh,

you could also use a script that would write a text file each time a user connects to MEGA.

You could use a macro  similar to this one :


Sub lastUserAccess()

  Dim macroGlobals, pathFile, strInfo, userName, fso

  pathFile = <pathToYourFile>
  nomUser = getObjectFromId(megaEnv.getCurrentUserId).getProp(​"short name")
  Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
  Set myFile = fso.OpenTextFile(pathFile, 8, True)
  myFile.WriteLine(username & ";" & & ";" & Date())
  Set myFile = nothing
  Set fso = nothing

End Sub


Then, create a MetaCommand linked to your "Repository" metaClass and connect it to your macro.

Every time a user connects to MEGA, it will be logged in your text file 🙂

## Took solution from another post ##





Colruyt Team
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Re: User Login Activity



Is this still not possbile to extract a report with user's login activity e.g. last login information for all the users?



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Re: User Login Activity

Any update on this?  Pretty basic admin function required of most systems.  Who logged in, when, etc.