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Use concrete MetaAssociations in Perimeters with abstract MetaAssociations

jfo MEGA

Use concrete MetaAssociations in Perimeters with abstract MetaAssociations

Hello everyone, hope you can give us a hint in this topic, we are creating a perimeter to duplicate Organizational Processes and it's diagrams, our goal is to duplicate the OP and Operations in the Diagram and link other objects contained (System Process, System Used, etc) since those objects are out-of-scope from the user duplicating the OP. When the Diagram perimeter is triggered, there is the abstract MAE "Element in Diagram" and this causes that all objects to be threated the same way (all are duplicated if deep is setted up, or all are linked). Is there a way to tell the Perimeter to work according to the concrete MA? I mean, when an Element in Diagram is type Operation, create a duplicate but if it is a System Used just link the existing one???




Another similar behavior is in the SequenceFlow perimeter, since we have Successor and Predecessor as Abstract MA, we can not exclude some objects to be duplicated.
Hope you can help us, it would be very appreciated.
P.S. we come to this option of duplicate since using Variations would lead to not clone the objects required to be duplcated.


Thanks in advance, best regards!