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Use a generic webuser and no password is required

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Use a generic webuser and no password is required

Hello Jérôme,

It is good to know that we are using a non official feature with [Filter-Available] and that we will have to switch to the new mode described in the attached document. We will read it in detail when testing MEGA 2009 SP5 R7.


After that, I have 2 questions :

  1. Is there something planned in order to let Advisor users to change their password (Web user) or ask for a reset if they forget it ?
  2. I was about to create a static html site to publish our Applications catalog ...
    A better solution seems to be using an Advisor site with a specific profile / role ... but I wonder if we can use a generic webuser for that (i.e. a web link placed in our intranet targets the login page with the ad hoc parameters (Username, env, db) and no password is required ...
    Is it possible (i.e. several users can log in simultaneously) ?


Best regards



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Re: Use a generic webuser and no password is required

Hello Jérôme


Yes it is possible. This is in fact the default mapping mode.

By default any web user (any login, any password) is mapped to a MEGA user called 'Guest'.

This user can be connected to one/several  advisor profile (MEGA User Role).

After all, end users do not need to remember a login.


You can create a customized MEGA User Role 'UR1' that displays the application catalog.

Then you can configure mapping so that 

  • All web users are mapped with a MEGA user 'WU1'
  • 'WU1' is connected to 'UR1'

For more documentation about user mapping, read the article 'MEGA Advisor User Management'