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Unable to Unlock Diagram object


Unable to Unlock Diagram object



I am trying to unlock a diagram of a user other than me (I have admin privileges and the ability to unlock objects) in our MEGA V1R13 CP13 environment, however when I locate the diagram that is to be unlocked in the View Locks tool (from MEGA Windows client or from the MEGA Adminstration tool), it has a red lock icon next to it, and the "Unlock" right-click option is not enabled on the item.


I've read over many posts on locks, however I'm still confused as to why I am unable to unlock this item.


Please advise.


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Re: Unable to Unlock Diagram object

Hello agreff


Lock management  varies a with storage

With GBMS storage, it is possible to unlock a lock in administration

With RDBMS storage, it is imposible to unlock or delete a lock as long as the related workspace is not dispatched or discarded


See KB 00002933




Re: Unable to Unlock Diagram object

Thank you for the clarification Jerome.