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UAS - Web Server

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UAS - Web Server



We are configuring the web Services in Production server (V2R1) .


The UAS was not enabled initialy in the config file , So We tried to enable it in the HOPEX/Web.config -> delegatedLogin to 2 and restart the SSP , 

After configuration , we unable to access the web client . Is there any steps we missed out ? 




Also We unable to access these 2 Urls,

http://<servername>/hopexapi  -->Access is denied.



Here is the log file : 

PID(18480);Thread(18464);Time(17:46:04);Session();error Private: 0x00000013: sspmngr.cpp(3763)
PID(18480);Thread(18464);Time(17:46:04);Session(); Supervision error, SSP call failure: A connection with the server could not be established
PID(18480);Thread(18464);Time(17:46:04);Session(); (Win32 Error Code 12029



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Re: UAS - Web Server

Is there any configurations needs to be set for UAS ? 


here is UAS log file screenshot ,




Re: UAS - Web Server

Hello Arunas,


I would recommend you review our online doc and access the section on "UAS Configuration" as shown in my attached screenshot. If after reviewing all the documentation you are still struggling with this i would advise that you submit a Support Case and we can route it to the appropriate team member to assist. 



MEGA Technical Support