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Tree Navigation link command

New Contributor

Tree Navigation link command

Goodmorning everyone.
I have a problem with the navigation tree.
I created 2 new metaclasses (A and B) and their Metaassociationend.
So I created a new tree for the new metaclass A, to which I attached the Standard Navigation.
The new tree shows the folder and the objects of the new class A.
The problem is that clicking the right button on the folder appear (and it work) create a new object, but clicking on the object does not appear the link command to connects to the class B.
Where am I doing wrong?

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New Contributor

Re: Tree Navigation link command

No one can help me?

Frequent Contributor

Re: Tree Navigation link command

Hi giampiero,


On the metaclass, UserInterface / MenuCommand on your A.LinkChildMenuCommand with the default macro LinkChildmenuCommands add your legs (to B).


As a result in the navigation tree, sub menu "Connect" your legs will appear.

I think it was your question.




Lionel Mazurié
New Contributor

Re: Tree Navigation link command

I did as you said and everything is solved .
Thank you so much for your help.
Your intervention has been decisive.