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Translate and compile Endup Abnormally

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Translate and compile Endup Abnormally

Hi Team,

We just upgraded our environment to CP9 with V1R2.
While Environment is updating its system db data, The translate and compile is getting ended up abnormally. We tried many times , but same issue is occuring.

The translate and compile is getting stopped while processing Metaassociation: "(Workflow Transition/Workflow"
The error metaassociation is not present in list of metaassocations.

Here is the log:
Thread(6084);Time(08:34:57);Session(System A);Error trace : metamodel.cpp(2551) Thread(6084);Time(08:34:57);Session(System A);Error trace : vb_environment.cpp(717) Thread(6084);Time(08:34:57);Session(System A);Error trace : vb_environment.cpp(758)
Thread(6084);Time(08:34:57);Session(System A);error Private: 0x00008012: vb_environment.cpp(789) Thread(6084);Time(08:34:57);Session(System A); A compilation error occured. Check MegaCrd for more details. Thread(6084);Time(08:34:58);Session(System A);Error trace : envcompilequery.cpp(323)


in MegaCrd file:

#](11/09/2015 08:29:27) [00h 03m 45s] ERRORLEVEL(00) --------------------------------------------------------------
#[(11/09/2015 08:31:22) \\admin\shares\appdata-test\Hopex\HopexV2\ModelsAndPlans|Translate and Compile|Administrator Translate and compile Language(s): English Compiled data: MetaModel Technical data Pictures Diagram types Trees Code templates Workflows Desktops Permissions
Compilation error or warning when processing [MetaAssociationEnd]To-Component (39F5ABD251AC58C0) A value is required for the 'Name' attribute. - mtbuf.cpp(2030) 0x1008481
#](11/09/2015 08:34:57) [00h 03m 35s] ERRORLEVEL(00) --------------------------------------------------------------


Please try to give us solution ASAP. Its a show stopper for us.




Colruyt Team
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Re: Translate and compile Endup Abnormally

Hello Colruyt Team


It is likely that the definition of the metamodel element (MetaAssociationEnd with _hexaidabs '39F5ABD251AC58C0') is incorrect

As this is a MetaAssociationEnd, check also the related MetaAssociation



  • If this is a standard elements, compare its definition with the definition of a standard (not customized_ environment
  • Check if a name exist in all the languages used
  • If name is substituted, check that it is connectly defined

If you cannot identify the source of the error, open a case  so that we can perform further investigations.