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Tracing object merges

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Tracing object merges

Hi all.


I have an applications catalog with objects that clearly refers to the same IT asset. These objects have their unique short name, application code, software installations etc and some version of the catalog have already been disclosed.


Now we want to do a cleanup, merging the objects which obviously map the same IT asset but I would like to know how you would clearly track the merge activity to help catalog consumers to know what has been deleted and what is the new reference object.


I looked at the activity feed but this clearly lists only the update of attributes (not the merge). Now I'm moving one object to a "Discarded" library but the applications still exists and are shown as in production state.


I'm open to suggestions. Thanks a lot to every one.

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Re: Tracing object merges

I found a quick&dirty solution thanks to @agraci . Here a script to print merged objects starting from the target (need some cleanup but it works!).


dim starget

set obj=getobjectfromid(starget)

set collTransf=GetSelection("Select [_TransferredObject] Where [_TransferredTarget]='" & obj.GetProp("absolute identifier") & "'")

for each ocollTransf in collTransf

    set odata= ocollTransf.Getcollection("~Z1000000CS50[ChangeItemDataPublic Log]").item(1).Getcollection("~Z10000008i50[_DispatchData]").item(1)

    dim data
    data = left(odata.GetProp("name"),10)

    set cChange=odata.Getcollection("~d1000000Ci50[ChangeItemDataPublic]")

    for each oChange in cChange
        if left(oChange.getProp("name"),6)  = "Delete" then
            print oChange.getProp("name") & " on " & data
        end if