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Storing images in Mega


Storing images in Mega



What we want to achieve, is inserting images from outside Mega into a generated word document via a word template.

I could store these images into a descriptor as static text, but the client must be able to change images. (not edit them, just select another one).


Therefore I was thinking on a Mega object that can hold this image and which I could insert into my document template…?


Any other suggestion ?


Kind regards,

Wim VdV


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Re: Storing images in Mega

Hello Wim


Let us not mix 2 steps:

1) Save images in the repository

Identify images, save the files with the repository

Eventually, associate them to objects of the repository (user interface, IT service...)

2) Document images in reports


To save images, we do not recommend to use RTF descriptors

RTF descriptors are not designed for this. In text of RTF descriptor, you are supposed to enter text or insert MEGA tags

An image should be identified as an independant element available in the repository.

Our recommendation is to use Business Document (document management feature) that will be available in both Windows and Web Front-End.

A legacy solution is the external reference feature (file type) but it is not available with Web Front-End.


To document images, you need to use or developp specific formatters that insert image as a picture in the reports.

For example: there is a tag in RTF descriptor to document diagram drawing

The is a specific RTF macro to insert external reference content but RTF macro cannot be used in Web Front-End because MS Word cannot be called in this context. See KB 00003571