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Sort object list

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Sort object list

Hello community,


Can I sort a list of items within a property page (see attach Object list))  ?

For example, I wont sort a list by name (asc or desc).

Note: This list, is a out of query with macro : 



any field I put in the "getSelection", sorting don't work. 


How can I do?







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Re: Sort object list

I think I have a similar issue: I have a macro in which I'm trying to return the top 10 applications with the most interfaces. I have a TaggedValue that calculates the number of interfaces of an application. However when I try to sort the "Application" collection in my macro by the TaggedValue in descending order, I get inconsistent results. They look right, but when I compare to all the applications and their number of interfaces, I'm noticing that my sorted list is omitting several applications that should be in that "top 10".


Does anyone know how to get more reliable sorting results?