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Should we keep decommissioned object in MEGA ? (APM)


Should we keep decommissioned object in MEGA ? (APM)



We are starting to use APM, this module introduce a life cycle for much of objects.


Life cycle can be define by the admin, but we use the "Standards Artifact lifecycle" for the application, which have these 3 phases : Preparation, Production, Retirement. All of our applications are set in one of these phases.


And of course, we start to have some applications which are in "retirement" phase, my question is :


Should we kept these applications in our main MEGA database ?


There is some downsides to keep these informations :


Screens/windows will list decommissioned applications, this will complexify readability and the use of datas from MEGA.

By example : if you have a portfolio with several applications and some of them are "retired", having these retired applications listed doesn't help and pollute the screen (especially in web pages).


More often, we have to adapt our query (in MEGA) to get in result only applications (or other objects) that are not decommissioned...


Should we keep datas from a certain phase of a lifecycle of an object ? One solution solutwuld be to export these datas into another database but this is complex : how deep your export should go ? (or what linked object are impacted). One of my suggestion would be to have an option that shows or hide objets linked to a lifecycle phase...


Any advice or feed back how you use the lifecycle ?


this is not an easy subject...Smiley Happy