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Set Multi-view as default

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Set Multi-view as default

Is it possible set Multi-view as default instead of Single-view? 

Version: HOPEX V2R1

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Re: Set Multi-view as default

Hi LMeden,


I believe you can set the parameter and default to "Multi-View". I'm not an expert in coding but I can guide to you the Parameter.


1. Log in to Window Client as HOPEX Customizer

2. View --> Navagation Window --> MetaStudio --> MetaCommand Group --> Universal Desktop --> Universal Desktop - Home Tiles Toolbar --> Mono/MultiView --> ContainerWhatcher 3States

3. Right click ContainerWhatcher 3States --> Properties --> Properties tab --> Initial State

4. Right click Initial State --> Properties --> Characteristics tab


I think "Default Internal Value"  is the attribute to set the default value. If you check Complements tab, you will see the "property literal value" and each of them have the internal value. You might need to translate and compile after the changes. Hope this help or at least give you an idea what to look for and where to start.




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Re: Set Multi-view as default

Hi Philip,

Thank you for your reply. I followed your description and changed the default value for the Initial State (from 1 to 2). The Single-view is however sill the default view.

Any other suggestions?





Re: Set Multi-view as default



As far as I know, changing the default display mode (from mono-view to multi-view) is not an official configuration.
Various actions will disable the multi-view mode.
This is a possible improvement.

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Re: Set Multi-view as default

Ok, thank you Jerome.