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Server Reboot


Server Reboot

There was a question posted in 2012 about practices for server reboots -- is it still the case that:

  • MEGA does not have a recommended frequency for server reboots
  • Users should be logged off (what happens if they are not?)
  • Users do not need to dispatch prior to the server reboot

thx, Karen

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MEGA Partner

Re: Server Reboot


1. I don’t think there is one exact recommendation. We have customers that reboot regularly every night as a precaution. Others run for months and months without restarting the SSP.

2. If a user is connected while the SSP is restarted will end up with a hanging transaction (private workspace) which they would need to log into after restart and either dispatch or discard (depending). If a user is in a public workspace nothing happens since changes are save at once.

3. Users can choose not to dispatch prior to a restart, and the transaction will just be available when they log in again.

Re: Server Reboot