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Select Object(s) in Model Tree


Select Object(s) in Model Tree



I was wondering if MEGA supports (or could be customized to support) a capability that I've seen and used in some other modelling tools, whereby a user can select one (or more) objects in a diagram (or the diagram itself), right-click and select a command to "Select in Model Tree".  The object(s) are then selected in the model tree and the branch(es) are expanded to show the selected objects.


At a minimum, the ability to locate and select at least single object on the model tree would be extremely useful as a diagram can contain objects that are dispersed across the model tree among thousands of nested objects, causing a major break in the editing workflow when having to use searches / explorer windows, etc.




Andrew Greff

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Re: Select Object(s) in Model Tree

Hello agreff


With Windows Front-End, there is a search feature in the diagram editor (menu Edit > Search in Diagram...)




This feature is not available in Web Front-End