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Search Page & Bread Crumbs

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Search Page & Bread Crumbs


I am new in Mega. I am making static web site in enterprise. I have to make search page. Can you help me to add search page in static web site. I couldnt get document on that. Also I need to add breadcrumbs, could you please help me on that also.



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Re: Search Page & Bread Crumbs



See for search page there is a file generated by mega for every website called "SiteDef.ini" a simple javascript can read the file and search through their hexids etc.


for breadcrumbs i am afraid we are looking for a solution as well.




Re: Search Page & Bread Crumbs



There are some tools available for search, like


For breadcrum you either keep track of your path, acting like a browse history,

either you hardcode your website structure into the navigation breadcrumb.



Wim VdV


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Re: Search Page & Bread Crumbs

I struggled with this topic as well and am interested in that, too.


As far as I know JS is NOT allowed to read local files so a simple embedded code cannot read Sitedef.ini and scan through it and produce an adapted page.


An alternative would probably be to

  • either embed the whole Sitedef.ini-content in each created page (which is a bit too much I suppose) or
  • to create a specific page AFTER the website has been created (when the content of Sitedef.ini is stable). With the search-string having been entered on any page one could pass that search string to the created search page (that contains the whole Sitedef.ini-content) and reformat its content according to the search page).

Is that something you guys think seems to work or is there anybody out there with a better idea?

Cheers Oliver