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Script Error with MEGA login.

New Contributor

Script Error with MEGA login.

Good day,


A user at our client is getting a Script Error when he logs in to MEGA.


Here is what he sent to me:

"Im trying to log on to Mega and get the following error. I click YES and it continues to log in. I get this every time I log in"


Can you please assist with the error?


They are using MEGA HOPEX V1R1 CP02.


Here is the Script Error:

Script Error




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New Contributor

Re: Script Error with MEGA login.



I get a similar error too.


It is probably because of internet security policy. Your installation server must trust website/html page providing by the server where your environment is located (in your case: rbkcwsapp033). 


You need to modify internet security option on the installation server.