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Scheduling process assessments as campaigns

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Scheduling process assessments as campaigns

In Hopex BPA (v2R1 or V3), is it not possible to create a campaign where the questions are based on one of the two process assessment templates? I can create a campain (without a template) and then I can create a session that is based on the templates. But then nothing I'm not able to use the workflow in the collaboration part to progress the campaign and send it out.

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Re: Scheduling process assessments as campaigns



It seems there is indeed a GUI issue with the campaign creation (silent when there should be a wizard ?) ; this is a bug, it should also work from there


If you create a session (for instance) from the template tree view, in the following


Campaign Management > Assessment Templates  + treeview : Standard > Process Performance Assessment > Assessment Session


Then the org-unit > process treeview is proposed to select the deployment scope and initialize the session (you need to have the appropriate links from process to org-unit and user), see attachments