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Saving query on all objects

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Saving query on all objects

Dear Community,


while I can send a query on all objects searching in all names for a particulat name-tag, I just wonder if I can save this query to use it within any report. Under "recent queries" it is not listed and writing a query requires any object to be selected in the "Select" statement.


Any ideas?


Thanks and



Philip Peters

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Re: Saving query on all objects

Hello ppeters


By design the syntax of the query language (ERQL language) requires to name a target MetaClass


SELECT [Org-unit] WHERE name Like "#myword#"


However you can use the 2 main abstract MetaClass ('Generic Object' and 'Generic Object System')

'Generic Object' enables to target objects stored in the user repository (ex: Adventure)

'Generic Object System' enables to target objects stored in the systemdb repository

So with one query you can target objects from most MetaClasses (Org-unit, Application, Diagram..)


Select [Generic Object] Where name Like "#myword#"



  • Such requests are time consuming
  • To see 'Generic Object' in the query editor, you should check the option 'See Abract Metamodel'. See attachment.
  • In the query editor, the query will be available with the target 'Generic Object' 
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Re: Saving query on all objects



I need to query all objects using Generic Object in propagation tool. But, there is no option to "See Abstract Model". Do you have any other option to query all objects on propagation tool?




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Re: Saving query on all objects

I believe that if you set under Tools => Options => Repository => Metamodel Access to expert that you see the abstract classes automatically in the protection tool query window.