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SQL State : 08001 Native error

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SQL State : 08001 Native error


We have Installed Hopex V2R1 in our application server and create reference for the environment, but then we face the below error message. Could you please help us out on this.


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Re: SQL State : 08001 Native error

This is a generic error regarding communication between SQL Server native client (used by HOPEX installation) and SQL server error (storing HOPEX data).
It is reported in HOPEX error log.


Possible causes:

  • The instance of SQL server where the HOPEX data are stored cannot be reached
  • HOPEX configuration files (.EMQ) does not match the real location of data


  • Check if HOPEX configuration matches the real location of data
  • To quote SQL Server, use IP address or FQDN (Fully qualified domain name, ex: SQL02/ rather than host name (ex: SQL02)
  • Check that Firewall is configure to enable trafic
  • Check that Service 'SQL Server Browser' is started on the SQL Server
  • Check that protocol 'TCP/IP' is enabled on the SQL Server (use utility SQL Server Configuration Manager)