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SQL Query to retrieve the Comment/varchar field

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SQL Query to retrieve the Comment/varchar field

Hi Community - We usually retrieve the large MEGA data (Like Databases, tables ,columns  ) from database directly to publish in website.


We unable to retreive the comment /varChar field which has length exeeds 500 characters from A_BLOB Table .


Here is query :

select convert(varchar(max), convert(varbinary(max), BLOB_SMALL_VALUE)) as ProcessingCondition
from A_BLOB as att
where .................................................


We can retrieve the comment/text field if its has less than 500 characters , The issue could be in the SQL conversion from binary to varchar .


Appreciate  if you have suggest any idea on this , 

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Re: SQL Query to retrieve the Comment/varchar field


Let us not forget this


The reference is the MEGA metamodel definition available from the HOPEX Solutions/Products.

This metamodel definition (ex: MetaClass, MetaAttribute, MetaAssociation...) is available though specific tool (metamodel diagram, explorer, queries, API functions...)

The data structure is not published for the SQL level (documentation, tools, algorythm...).


Accesses in read write/mode must be performed either though the user interface or though API functions/web services provided by MEGA.

Accesses in read write/mode performed from outside the HOPEX Application are made at the customer's risk.  Consequences of inappropriate updates will not be supported.