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Restricted access to linkable objects


Restricted access to linkable objects



On a given Metaclass, I have added a MetaCommand linked to the "LinkChildMenuCommands" macro, in order to have the "Link" contextual menu.
I have connected this MetaCommand to a given _ProgrammingLeg, and the ProgrammingLeg to a Candidate query.
Every thing works fine, and in the contextual menu, users can choose "Link > My Object" and they have the choice between my candidate query, or "Others...".
I would like to limitate the choice to my candidate query (i.e. hide the "Others..." choice. --> see joined screenshot
How do I do this ?


Thanks !





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Re: Restricted access to linkable objects

The presence of <others> line depends on the 'Search' capability for a legattribute.

It can be more generally defined by the _LinkOptions metaattribute of the metaassociationend (see the documentation of this metaattribute)