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Report template Duplication

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Report template Duplication

Dear community member ,


Report deosnt work when we duplicate an existing java enabled report , Dont know why , Kindly guide us if anything we did wrong in the report.


"No suitable parameter found"


WE have done the prerequisite , 


_________________________Hopex Studio - Report Studio.pdf"_________________________

7.8 Duplicating a report template
The recommended way to create a new report template similar to an existing one is to duplicate a template.
To duplicate a template:
Prerequisite: In the Repository options, check that the “Definition of path of MetaAssociation”
option is set to “Compatibility up to MEGA 2009”.
Right-click the report template and select Duplicate.





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Re: Report template Duplication

Right Click on the duplicated template and select explore, then put the screen shot of the explore window here. I would like to see whats connected and whats not. Second which java template you duplicated?