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Report of all unused objects

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Report of all unused objects

Does anyone know of an easy way to get a global report showing all the objects that are not used in any diagrams?   


We are using MEGA 2009 SP5. I am trying to clean up the clutter that's been created and accumulated over the past 3 years by my predecessor.


Appreciate any suggestions.



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Re: Report of all unused objects

Hello bahrom58


If I understand, you want to build a report that lists the objects that are not displayed in diagrams

The target objects could be unused object (to be verified).


Building such a report requires some work in version MEGA 2009.

Indeed there is not a single link (MetaAssociation) to test the present in diagrams for all Metaclass.


There is a generic metamodel but it is used in certain types of diagram only

For this metamodel, you can use the following query

Select [Element in Diagram] Where [Containing Diagram] Null


For most types of diagram, you can create one ERQL query by Metaclass (or at least for the main MetaClass) 


Select [Org-Unit] Where [Diagram] Null

Select [Applicartion] Where [Diagram] Null



Once you ave identified, the queries, you can build a report template that runs theses queries with a formatter

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Re: Report of all unused objects

That worked. Thanks Jerome!