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Report Template Creation


Report Template Creation

Hello All


I have been trying to create a Report template which would use My Java Macros for report chapters.. When I right click and say new Report Template,  it offers me only 4 choices: Basic, Property, Intersection and Checkmark.


For my custom report template using Java macros , what would I choose?


I have pasted an image in the attachment.


Other than a publisher guide, is there any documentation that lists how to create a report template and setup the parameters, multiplicity and all the other stuff that go with it?


Again, tahnk you all for the help!



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Re: Report Template Creation.



Thanks a lot for the response - but pl see


I think I may need some documentation on how to create report template with Java macros..




Re: Report Template Creation.

If you need to create Java Macro to generate a report, please see attached a document explaining this. 

Patrick Bobo

Re: Report Template Creation

The wizard will help you to create other parts of the report templates (chapters and parameters).

If you plan to implement the report with a custom macro then choose basic (it is the faster one), and then replace the draft macro with the one you wish.

If your macro is java, change its type to Dispatch and put the inside.


Of course your java macro has to implement the required report methods.


Claudio Pucci

Re: Report Template Creation



Thanks a lot!


That works.