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Regulation report

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Regulation report

Working in V2R1 U3, I tried to create a regulation report, hoping it would extract the results of the regulation rules check perform by HOPEX.

But I cannot make it work (it requires 'regulation' in parameters => same as 'Modeling regulation' or 'modeling rule'?)

Is it a report we can use in V2R1 U3? If so, is there any documentation about it?


Thank you in advance for your help,


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Re: Regulation report

Hello Marion,


In order to extract and run a modeling regulation on a set of objects, you can use a standard report called "Regulation Compliance".


To do so,


1 - In HOPEX desktop thin client, go to Report menu (Report_Menu.png)

2 - In "My Reports", click on the button "New" (Reports_New.png)

3 - In the Wizard, search the report "Regulation Compliance" then click on "next" (Reports_choice.png)

4 -  Then, in the parameters window, select a modeling regulation (for instance BPMN modeling rule) (Reports_params_1.png).

5 -  In the second part of the window, choose some objects where the chosen modeling regulation must be applied.

To do so,  click on "link" button ; in the basic search window, click on the loop with a "+" in order to display the advanced search window and use a ERQL query to search any king of objects in the repository, for instance "select [organizational process]", run the query and select the objects you want to analyze.  In the screenshot "Reports_params_2.png, all the steps are detailed.

6 - At the end, your parameters windows shows the modeling regulation and the selected objects (reports_params_3.png)

7 - Click on  "OK". The results are shows on the right panel of HOPEX Desktop (Reports_Results.png)

A yellow card means : there is a suggestion about a modeling rule

A Red card means : there is a modeling rule not checked


I hope it will help you.


Don't hesitate if needed


Best regards