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Real Time Check - Integration Question

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Real Time Check - Integration Question

Hello everyone,


I need your ideas about what we aim to do;

We have another system has application names and their screens.

When we add an operation, we also want to specify the related screen on flowcharts (we use MEGA Process, not BPMN).

But we want to be sure that related screen actually stands in our system. 

What could be the possible solutions for our requirement?


Thank you in advance

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Re: Real Time Check - Integration Question

For me there are different solutions to this, it depends on this other system what it is and who is the owner of the data (MEGA or the other system)


based on the information given, I do assume that MEGA is not the owner of the related-screen information, but the other system is having data ownership on this. If that is the case, I would maintain a catalogue of those screen objects in MEGA which is automatically updated via a batch program that runs on daily/weekly basis overnight (depends on the update frequency regarding screen objects) and I would prevent MEGA users of creating such new screen objects via metamodel access.