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Reading access area

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Reading access area

Dear Community members ,


Can anyone guide us to update the reading access area thru VB marco . We tried to update with "Administrator" Role. 


oobject = oRoot.GetCollection("Assessment Node").item("~TwHDONZuNzOT[Test] ")
GroupWide= oRoot.GetObjectFromID("~sTlVwxdH3100[Group Wide access]")


'the property doesnt work 

''''''oobject.SetProp "~030000000180[Reading access area]", GroupWide

''''''oobject.SetProp "Reading access area identifier", GroupWide
''''''''oobject.GetProp("~030000000180[Reading access area]") = GroupWide




Appreciated if any suggestions!




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Re: Reading access area

Hello Arunas


The property 'Reading Access Area' and 'Writing Access Area' are not standard properties.
Update through the user interface is controlled.


If you can select the object using an ERQL query, you can consider to use the specific tools of Administration.exe.
Ex: window 'Object Protection' to update massively 'Writing Access Area'


You can also run API script in administration mode where UI permissions do not apply.


Screen Shot 09-23-16 at 05.23 PM.PNG




Re: Reading access area

We usually use something similar.

obj.setProp("Writing access area",oRoot.getObjectFromId("~122322[administrator]").GetId)

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Re: Reading access area

Thank you very much Jerome & Imran . It works 🙂


Great !