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Query Tool

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Query Tool

Hello Community,


Would require your help.


We have a attribute called "Order" in Organizational Process  metaclass. And maintaing more than 10K objects , So user wants to see the query results by Order not by alphabatically  . Is there any way to populate  by order (1,2,3)  out through query ?


while searching  for objects

AOrgProcess  ->Contains order Value - 2

BOrgProcess -> Contains Order Value - 1


It should display based on the Order attribute

BOrgProcess -> Contains Order Value - 1

AOrgProcess  ->Contains order Value - 2



But in this query its default showing the results in Alphabetically . We need the results by query tool ,not for website purpose. 

Select [Organizational Process] Where [Order ] Is Not null  [anything include here to filter further by order ?]



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Re: Query Tool



By design, ERQL query result is sorted alphabetically. 

The question becomes: in which context is this query used? Does this context enable to sort the query result? 

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Re: Query Tool

Thanks Jerome . The context is to Query results and and as well as populate the org. Processes based on the order in RTF document generation , its bit difficult to sort number order wise in RTF format tempate generation as well.


I just want to make the order in query itself , So that i can give that query to users to search it by order wise. Is thery any possibilitites ?

Select [Organizational Process] Where [Order ] Is Not null   [anything include here to filter further by order ?]




Re: Query Tool


The standard 'order' property is a link property. It means order is relative to a context (ex: Business Process x Organizational Process)

For example, it you use it to set an order between several Organizational Process and a Business Process, you can develop a RTF descriptor that browses the link between Business Process and  Organizarional Process and sorts  Organizational Process list using this order (this even is by default if order is set).




Order set on the link



RTF Descriptor






Result 2.PNG


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Re: Query Tool

Wow Great !!!!! Smiley Happy


Informative ! Learn for the day :-) 


Thanks a lot Jerome .