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Quering "_HexaIdAbs"

Occasional Contributor

Quering "_HexaIdAbs"

Dear all,


how I can query the attrobute "_HexaIdAbs" of "Application"? It is straight forward for e.g. "Absolute Identifier" but "_HexaIdAbs" doesn't apper in the list of attributes if creating the query (see attachment).


Thank you in advance


Alex Kolinko

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Re: Quering "_HexaIdAbs"

You have to select properties administration option in assistant panel


MEGA Partner

Re: Quering "_HexaIdAbs"

It will works if you just write the query in the query toolbar. Like  Select [Application] where [_HexaIdAbs] = 'your HexaID here' 


MEGA Partner

Re: Quering "_HexaIdAbs"

There is also another way. Go into a Descriptor, and paste the HexID in the search window there, and you will automatically get the object with that excact HexID.