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Publishing MEGA web sites on Sharepoint

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Publishing MEGA web sites on Sharepoint

I would like to pubish the web site we generate from MEGA on our intranet. Since the publisher generates static html pages, every time we need to update the web site we manually upload the files through sharepoint. I have two questions about this matter:

  1. To add an external reference (of type File) to an object in MEGA, we have to browse for the actual file when creating the External Reference object in MEGA. Most of our external references (files) are kept on our application server. When the publisher is moved to the intranet, those links will not work anymore as the public users might not have access to our server. That is why we are duplicating our references on both our server and sharepoint, then through excel import/export update the paths of the external references to point to the path in sharepoint. Which is a hustle. Is there a better way of doing this?
  2. Since the files generated by MEGA publisher are uplodaed into sharepoint, and not created in sharepoint, we are facing limitation in generating reports like number of visitors to the pages, hits by page, etc.. Is there any way of better doing that?


Thank you

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Re: Publishing MEGA web sites on Sharepoint

Hello RamiGh


Regarding 1) External reference of file type, you can do better

You need to:

  • Use predefined folders when creating external references
  • Check the option 'External references relative to site' before generation

During generation of static web site, the path of the external references using predefined folders will be build to be relative to the root folder of the web site. It will be expected that files are available in a subfolder (called by default 'REFEXT') of this root folder.


For HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 see documentation
HOPEX Studio - Publisher, section 'Integrating External References'


Regarding 2) integration to Sharepoint, I have no particular experience. 



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Re: Publishing MEGA web sites on Sharepoint

Thank you Jerome, I believe your suggestion will work.


Looking forward to any suggestions related to Sharepoint