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Property Pages LegObject Application

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Property Pages LegObject Application


I have created a personalised Tile for The metaClass Server. I only display in this list the properties i'm interested in. My goal is that a user "Explorer" could easily make an excel extract to obtain a list with all the properties displayed.


My problem is that I would like to display in this list the legObject Application. (The application linked to the server).

I manage to obtain This:



I would like to obtaint this: (having the legobject Application beeing displayed in the list)




I don't manage to parameterised the page to obtain this result.


The goal is that an User "Explorer" could sort the lists by this column and make frome this list an extract (Excel) and obtain something that looks like this:



Is it possible to do something like that?

If it isn't, has somebody a tip of how i could make this list available?


Otherwise has someone an example of what I am trying to do or a solution?


Best regards




Attachment: My code for the property page

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Re: Property Pages LegObject Application

Hello DEB


What is the nature of the information you want to disply in this column

Is it mono-valued (max 1 application)?

Is it multi-valued (possibly several applications?)


If it is mono-valued (max 1 application), check if the MetaAssociationEnd is tagged as a _LegAttribute


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Re: Property Pages LegObject Application

Hello Jerome,


It is a multi-valued link, but we only link One application at a time in our referentiel.


I will check your document anyway.