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Propagation Issues

New Contributor

Propagation Issues

Hi All,


I hope you’re all well. I’m having major issues in regards to the propagation. What should actually be happening is that the authorization levels are to be lowered for the parent (GSR Artefact) object and well as its children (e.g. Diagram) and grandchildren(Message)(there are a few exceptions in place where this will not happen) but what is actually happening  now is that the parent and the children are being propagated(thanks again for help on this) but grandchildren are being ignored.


e.g. currently the parent(GSR Artefact) object and child(Diagram) objects have the authorization levels lowered successfully but the grand child(Message) does not. I’m looking at the Diagram(child) object and only need the Message and Condition grandchildren to propagate.


How can I also propagate the grandchildren?


Below is the current code I have in place (I have highlighted the code that I believe should be doing the job(please note with this code I was trying to propagate all grandchildren)).


Function TriggerAction(mgobjAction As MegaObject, mgobjTriggeredTransition As MegaObject, mgobjCurrentStatusInstance As MegaObject)


  Dim mgRoot

  Dim mgWorkflowEgine

  Dim mgidWorkflowExecutionUserId

  Dim blnUpdatorModified


  ' Initializing variables

  Set mgRoot = mgobjAction.GetRoot()

  Set mgWorkflowEgine = mgRoot.CurrentEnvironment.GetMacro("~VBQZHHj0Az30[Workflow Engine]")


  ' The lines below are here if you need your code to make some changes as the workflow execution user

  ' This is needed in order to make changes on object for which the current user has not got the correct autorisation level

  ' Your macro must be created by a user having the rigth autorisation level (Administrator or the user defined as Workflow Execution User)

  mgidWorkflowExecutionUserId = mgWorkflowEgine.GetWorkflowExecutionUserId(mgRoot)

  blnUpdatorModified = mgRoot.SetUpdator(mgidWorkflowExecutionUserId)


  Dim oWInstance as MegaObject

                Set oWInstance = mgobjCurrentStatusInstance.GetCollection("~dvLwaVVv9rW2[Workflow Instance]").Item(1)

                Dim oSubject as MegaObject

                Set oSubject = mgRoot.GetObjectFromId(oWInstance.GetCollection("~sxLwpZVv9ju2[Subject]").Item(1).GetId)


  Dim oGSR as MegaObject

                Set oGSR = oSubject.GetCollection("~W7HgkwAHFfRV[GSR Artifact]").Item(1)


  Dim sAuthLevel as MegaObject


  sAuthLevel = oGSR.GetProp("Authorization")


                Dim oMetaClass as MegaObject

                Set oMetaClass = mgRoot.GetObjectFromId(oGSR.GetClassId)


                Dim oMetaAssociationEnd as MegaObject

                Dim oObject as MegaObject

  Dim cObject as MegaObject

                Dim cChildObjects as MegaObject           

  Dim obj as MegaObject

  Dim c2Object as MegaObject

                Dim c2ChildObjects as MegaObject        

  Dim obj2 as MegaObject

                Dim sExclusions as String

                Dim sLower as String


                                msgbox "Propagation Starting..." & vbCrLf & "Please wait for confirmation that the process has completed (this may take several minutes)" & vbCrLf & "Please click OK to continue", 32 , "Information (Lowering Authorization Levels)"




  sExclusions = "Project,Standard,Person,External Reference"

                sLower = "Message,Condition,Synchronization,Sequence Flow,Next,Previous,Loop,Identifier,Generalization,AssociationEnd (DM),Association (DM)"



                For Each oMetaAssociationEnd in oMetaClass.GetCollection("~e00000008020[MetaOppositeAssociationEnd]")

    For Each oObject in oGSR.GetCollection(oMetaAssociationEnd.GetProp("~Z20000000D60[Short Name]"))

                                                If InStr(1, sExclusions, mgRoot.GetObjectFromId(oObject.GetClassId).GetProp("~Z20000000D60[Short Name]")) = 0 Then

        oObject.SetProp "Authorization", sAuthLevel

                                                End If




     cChildObjects = oObject.extract

      cObject = oGSR.GetSelection(cChildObjects)

     ' msgbox cObject




    For Each cObject In oGSR.GetSelection(oMetaAssociationEnd.GetProp("~Z20000000D60[Short Name]"))

                                                'msgbox "Child"

                                                If InStr(2, sExclusions, mgRoot.GetObjectFromId(cObject.GetClassId).GetProp("~Z20000000D60[Short Name]")) = 0 Then

         cObject.SetProp "Authorization", sAuthLevel

                                                End If



                  c2ChildObjects = cObject.extract

      c2Object = oGSR.GetSelection(c2ChildObjects)



    For Each c2Object In oGSR.GetSelection(oMetaAssociationEnd.GetProp("~Z20000000D60[Short Name]"))

      'msgbox "Grand Child"

      If c2Object = Message Or Condition Then

                                                If InStr(3, sExclusions, mgRoot.GetObjectFromId(c2Object.GetClassId).GetProp("~Z20000000D60[Short Name]")) = 0 Then

         c2Object.SetProp "Authorization", sAuthLevel

                                                End If

      End If






                msgbox "Authorizations successfully lowered", 32 , "Success"




                ' You can return an error message

  TriggerAction = "Propagation Failed"


End Function



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Thank you in advance for the advice.


Kind Regards,


Omar Niaz

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Re: Propagation Issues

Hello Omar


Is not very easy to undestand the issue.


--> Can you add a post to explain better/rephrase.:

- What you are willing to do (objective)?

- How you are doing (coding option)?

New Contributor

Re: Propagation Issues

Hi Jerome,


Apologies for the late response. The client no longer requires this to be done as they no longer require any authorization level to be lowered.


Thank you