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Problem with DiagramTypeProperty on DiagramTypeLink

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Problem with DiagramTypeProperty on DiagramTypeLink

Hi all,


I created a MetaAttribute on a MetaAssociation, something simular like the CRUD value. I also want to display the value of the MetaAttribute on the diagram, therefore I created a DiagramTypeField attached to the DiagramTypeLink (which corresponds to my MetaAssociation). Afterwards I have created a DiagramTypeProperty which is attached to the DiagramTypeField. When I do a refresh context in MEGA it works fine, my value is displayed in the diagram. However when I dispatch and log-in again my DiagramTypeProperty has been deleted/removed.


In the error log I find the following info


Thread(1680);gbmoccse.cpp(511) : error Application: 0x0100845E 15:23:28
              There is no 'DiagramTypeProperty' for 'Absolute Identifier' that has the 'c32ZM
              UF0IbYC' value.
Thread(1680);gbmoccse.cpp(532) : error trace 15:23:28
Thread(1680);apipublish.cpp(587) : error trace 15:23:28
Thread(1680);apipublish.cpp(736) : error trace 15:23:28
Thread(1680);apipublish.cpp(1041) : error trace 15:23:28

Thread(1680);apipublish.cpp(1069) : error Application: 0x01008001 15:23:28
              The application has encountered an error.  If this problem persists contact tec
              hnical support.
Thread(1680);apipublish.cpp(1675) : error trace 15:23:28


Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? When I reuse an existing DiagramTypeProperty it works fine





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