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Problem for compilating permissions

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Problem for compilating permissions



During the compilation of my environment, MEGA is blocking during the permissions compilation (processing profil).

When I open MEGA, I have problem message "Compiled Technical data 750 V3 is missing" (cf screenshot)

I have copied my environment from MEGA HOPEXV1R2 CP02 to MEGA HOPEXV1R2 CP07.


There is also something strange that might be linked with that problem.

In the administration console of my new version, I have only "Users" in the folder "Managing users" of my environment.

On my version CP02, I have Users, Profiles, IHM acess... (cf screenshots).


Does somebody have a solution for that problem ?


Thank you

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Re: Problem for compilating permissions

Hello Alexandre


It recommend that you apply hotfix 7.04 on HOPEX V1R2 CP7.0

Hofix 7.04 or higher can be downloaded from this page.

Installation procedure is KB 00005691.


It the issue persists (metamodel cannot be fully compiled), open a case with MEGA technical support for a specific investiguation.


Regarding the unexpected display in the Windows Administration Console (administration.exe) check:

  • That you have a licence of MEGA Supervisor (SUP)
  • The configuration of a specific option KB 00004025
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Re: Problem for compilating permissions

The problem is solved, I forget to update the environement with the CP changement.


Thank you.


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Re: Problem for compilating permissions


The hotfix is not available. It isshowing an error page.


Am getting the same error while running a user creation macro (VBS) through command line. even though my technical data in meta model is compiled.


Set OUser = colUsers.Add ("XYZ")

oUser.SetProp "Windows Login", "somelogin"      //this line is returning the error Compiled Technical Data 750V3 is missing

(screen shot attached)


Please suggest me a solution.


Thanks in advance.

Colruyt Team