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Print to the immediate window from Java

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Print to the immediate window from Java

We have written a long running processs to perform some ETL operations in java.  We exectue it from the script editor like so:


Set oPlugin = GetRoot().CurrentEnvironment.GetMacro("~vd)fFYg6RDf6[ESRX MegaEcoMapPlugin]")


print 'Done'


Is there a way to call the vb print function to get an idea of what the script is doing from Java?

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Re: Print to the immediate window from Java



What is the macro "MegaEcoMapPlugin" doing ?

If you use the "print" in the script editor you won't be able to track what is happening in the pluging.


The better way would be to build an external call of the macro in which you can expose in a more advance console what is happening.


Another option would be to add in the MegaEcoMapPlugin some treatment to write in a log file of what is happening.