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Participant Org-Unit RACI Default


Participant Org-Unit RACI Default

When an Org-Unit is added to a particpant swim lane on an Organization Process by default its set to 'Accountable (default)' is there a way to change the default to be 'Responsible (default)' This would be more efficient for our purposes. 

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Re: Participant Org-Unit RACI Default

Hello AAnderson


I do not see an easy configuration to change the default behavior (that seems more complex)


If your are a VB script expert and want to go further, review the following macros

~YQ2ozDl6EjPG[Bpmn Raci Server]

~p0RRgz67ELeJ[Bpmn Raci UpdateTool]

~p0RRgz67ELeJ[Bpmn Raci UpdateTool]



  • Do not update standard macros
  • Create your own macros and call them instead of the standard ones
  • After each CP/Release/Version upgrade, check that custom macros are still called