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Oracle Restore systemDB; dataDB

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Oracle Restore systemDB; dataDB

I need some help to understand systemDB, dataDB recovery procedures for the discussion with our operatons team (Oracle DBA).


Use case:

- MEGA users dispatched some bulk updates in a repository which shouldn´t have been done and want to rollback to dataDB content from 2 days ago


Required action:

- restore dataDB only?

- restore dataDB + systemDB?


Can you help or point me to the correct document





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Re: Oracle Restore systemDB; dataDB

Hello KElsner


It is recommended to restore both systemdb and data repositories
Otherwise there can be mismatches.


  • For Oracle storage, it is recommended to have
    1 schema per data repository
    1 schema for the systemdb


If data is backed up in Oracle, you should be able to restore the corresponding schemas in Oracle
Then you can create a new environment with the option 'Restore'

Pay attention to keep the same name for environment (this inf

ormation is saved in a table and checked).

The reference document is RDBMS Repository Installation Guide HOPEX V1R2-V1R3 EN

See section 'Restoring a Mega environment from formatted data'

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Re: Oracle Restore systemDB; dataDB

Hello Jerrome,


many thanks for the clear instruction and the document. That was exactly what I was looking for.


Best regards