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OppositeLegID not working in script

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OppositeLegID not working in script



I'm working on a MetaCommand that would allow users to trigger a script that automatically hides any associations on the diagram that are not related to the described object (ex.: in an application's diagram, the link between another application and a software technology also connected to the described application). 


In my VB script macro, when I use "OppositeLegName" and indicate the name of the MetaAssociationEnd (ex.: link.OppositeLegName = "Used-Service"), the script works, and it hides the associations in the diagram. If I use "OppositeLegId" and the Absolute Identifier of the MetaAssociationEnd (ex.: link.OppositeLegId = "HsUir9B5iee0"), the script doesn't work, and the associations aren't hidden.


Can someone tell me why it wouldn't work with "OppositeLegId" and the Absolute Identifier of the MetaAssociationEnd?



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Re: OppositeLegID not working in script



In case you still  have this question, there are different kinds of "Identifiers" in MEGA (_IdAbs, _HexaIdAbs, the one you get with the "getId" command...).

To make your script work, try the following :

Root.getObjectFromId(link.OppositeLegId).getProp("_idabs") = "HsUir9B5iee0"