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Object export using Export option from V1R3

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Object export using Export option from V1R3



I am able using export feature to create Excel for any kind of objects using HOPEX V1R3 thin client.

Let's take an example I can export an application with all its attributes like its short name, its application status and so on but when it comes to extract the application functional zones (city plan) or its technical components that are not plain application attributes but associated ones then it looks like it is not feasable.


I'm sure community that you have already explored the export facility.


So can you export connected attributes from a main object or is it impossible?

Thank you for your answer.


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Re: Object export using Export option from V1R3



When using the Export/Import function you can both export attributes as well as associations. You just need to setup the excel export in the correct way. You should be able to find documentation in the help system on how to do it. Otherwise let me know, and I can guide you.