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Object Guard : Occurrence of link already exists.

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Object Guard : Occurrence of link already exists.

Hi all,


the user is trying to create a UML state diagram and creates a transition between two state objects. When he tries to attach a guard to it, a script error occurs


Script error "Error(0x800ac3eb) : Object Guard : Occurrence of link already exists." at Line 13 :
 UML Guard Creation : Object Creation Error


Any ideas? We have different environments and it only appears in one of them, they all have the same metamodel though. When I tried to connect a guard to the transition via the explorer, it does not allow me to do it either. It does not give an error message than though but just nothing happens.





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Re: Object Guard : Occurrence of link already exists.

it seem to be related to the oracle database, in the error log I find the following info


ORA-00001: unique constraint (MEGAEAWORK.Z1_PI_F31401AD5084654F) violated

Thread(2e80);gbmoqueryutilities.cpp(2929) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);gbmodriverdataaccess.cpp(662) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);dbattmanager.cpp(783) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);gbmdarea.cpp(5448) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);gbmdarea.cpp(5554) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);gbmdcursorlink.cpp(2459) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);gbmdcursor.cpp(846) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);rpydrive.cpp(465) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);comcommit.cpp(205) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);comcommit.cpp(1324) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);gbmoccxx.cpp(1207) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);bdoccxx.cpp(1098) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);rpgbmuti.cpp(656) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);rpmetobj.cpp(434) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);rpmetobj.cpp(1919) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);rpgbmleg.cpp(1740) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);rpgbmleg.cpp(1672) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);rpgbmcol.cpp(959) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);rpgeneric.cpp(4720) : error trace 12:44:56
Thread(2e80);rpgeneric.cpp(2558) : error trace 12:44:56

Re: Object Guard : Occurrence of link already exists.

Dear Mr stijn,


I have created the case 00030887 regarding your problem, one of our engineer support will get back to you shortly.



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Re: Object Guard : Occurrence of link already exists.

after investigation the issue is due to inconsistency of customer Data on the table MEGAEAWORK.Z1_P_A_METAATTRIBUTE.

This kind of issue should be analyzed on a  case per case basis

In this case an inconsistency of customer data is the cause of the error and the solution was to delete two records.