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Object Functions/Methods in VB Scriipt

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Object Functions/Methods in VB Scriipt

Hi All,


I'm fairly new to MEGA and writing VB Scripts so forgive me if this is a silly question.


Could someone point me in the direction of where to find all available Methods/Functions for an object i have created in a VB Script? In the example below I think I have set oObject as an Application in my MEGA repository but  now want to know what methods/functions I can call from oObject. I know GetProp is one but don't know any others.


E.G Set oObject = oContext.Current.GetSelection ("Select [Application] Where [Name] = 'My Application'")


Kind Regards,


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Re: Object Functions/Methods in VB Scriipt

Anyone? It would be great if someone could either tell me where to look or that maybe my question doesn't make sense? As I said I'm new to MEGA and coding in general so I could be asking the wrong question.


Many Thanks.



Re: Object Functions/Methods in VB Scriipt

Hello Scriv1989


Therie is a documentation of API script



It is Java oriented but it can be help you for VB script


Note that the common data you create (ex: application, diagram) are hold as MegaObject

The most usual methods enable to consult (GetProp) or update (SetProp) properties.