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Object Creation in a Tile

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Object Creation in a Tile



I have created a specific Tile in Hopex Web. My Tile display All the printers that i have in the database. My tile work properly but I have an Error message when trying to create an object.


The tile is based on a Query that list all the printers node.


the propertypage code is

Printers=Map(~CozT)MxlKnXb[BCVs - Noeud - Imprimante])
properties   = Item(~uVsHKW4VGbSM[Propriétés]),From(Printers),Param(PushButton,ReplaceStandard[Properties])
PrintersList=Item(~CozT)MxlKnXb[BCVs - Noeud - Imprimante]),Contains(Printers),Control(ListView),Title(No),Param(ToolBar[-L,-U,-R],MultiSelection,ReOrder)
CommandHandler =~R6ho6AzsHDJQ[SOHO - Command Handler Factory]


I can create object in Tiles that lists all the object from a MetaClass but not in Tiles that are based on a Query.


Does anyone know how I have to change the parametrization to be able to create an object in the tile?


here are the errors message that are displayed when i try to create an object.




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