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Object Creation Wizard not running


Object Creation Wizard not running



I created an Object Creation Wizard (to display some attributes) and connected it to metaclass Entity (DM). However, when I tried creating an Entity (DM), it pop ups the standard Creation Wizard page with only "Name" attribute instead of running the above. Wizard

When I connect the Object Creation Wizard to other metaclasses such as Data Model, Attribute (DM), the wizard runs fine (displaying additional attributes as intended)


Does anyone know what could be possible reasons for that? Thanks

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Re: Object Creation Wizard not running

Hello linhbui


I confirm this behavior.


The creation tool is hard coded (C++ code) and cannot be customized for the moment.

This was done for historical reasons to perform specific tasks when creating the entity.

MEGA R&D will study if this code can be implemented with MegaWizard technology and therefore become customizable in a future version.