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Object Constraint in MEGA 2009 SP5

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Object Constraint in MEGA 2009 SP5



How to disable the namespacing between the object constraint and package (Package Owned Element/Package)? and between constraint and operation (OwnerOperation/ownedConstrained)

The constraint name is namespaced with the package name or the operation name...


there is a difference between MEGA 2009 SP4 CP12 and MEGA 2009 SP5 CP7.


We have a case 0029077 in support for the MACIF company.






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Re: Object Constraint in MEGA 2009 SP5

Hello Patrick


1) The MetaClass Contraint was already namespaced in MEGA 2009 SP4.

A contraint object could be namespace by library object (livrary is a possible 'owner').


2) What has changed is that with MEGA 2009 SP5, a default owner is more often proposed.

Example: if a constraint is created from a package, this package is proposed as a default owner.


3) MEGA does not recommend to disable the namespace.

It creates a delta with the MEGA standard metamodel

+ It requires to change the metamodel regarding the name calculation (server name)

+ It requires to reprocess contraints to match the new server name


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Re: Object Constraint in MEGA 2009 SP5

Hello Mr Horber,


What is le server name?


Re: Object Constraint in MEGA 2009 SP5



Such changes are a consequence of metamodel evolutions for UML 2.0.

No change is planed regading this metamodele in MEGA 2009 SP5.


If you do not want a default owner in such cases, you can use a command file to customize standard metamodel.