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OWL ontology modeling/ integration

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OWL ontology modeling/ integration



I have two related questions regarding MEGA HOPEX and ontologies:


1. Does the latest version of MEGA HOPEX contain some support for ontology modeling beyond the "normal" functionality of the information layer? I mean ontology in the sense of Web Ontology Language (specifically OWL 2 DL) expressivity. Are there any available connectors to integrate MEGA HOPEX with ontology modeling tools? (e.g Protege, TopBraid EDG) If the answers are "no" - is this something that's on the MEGA roadmap?

2. Does anyone have experience in custom integrations of MEGA HOPEX with ontology modeling tools? Maybe someone who developed an integration to automatically pull the content of the HOPEX information layer into RDF/ OWL and import it into a triple store/ semantic graph database?