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Network for Anywhere deployment


Network for Anywhere deployment

In « MEGA Anywhere Architecture Overview » document, the minimum bandwidth  is 1 Gbit/s (page 8).

Our network is 100Mbit/s. We are 3 users, is it ok?

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Re: Network for Anywhere deployment

Hello François


I had this question before for my company 

This requirement is about the network link between

  • The Web and Application server running MEGA Anywhere
  • The Database server hosting MEGA data

Maybe you have more than 100 MBit/s


Anywhay, it is very important that this network has a high level bandwidth and most of all, that its latency is low

You can consider a deployment with a 100 MBit/s network but you have to do some tests first.

The MEGA RDBMS utility can help you underdand this

More details in this web page 

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Re: Network for Anywhere deployment

Thanks a lot Smiley Happy


I will follow your information.