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Need help on writing sub query in descriptor

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Need help on writing sub query in descriptor

I need help on writing sub query.

Below are the quires working fine in descriptor.

[Component="Assigned Participant"]
[Component="Select [Operation] Inherited Where [Participant]= &name" Id=Operations Sorter="Short Name:A"]

[Component="Owner Organizational Process" Id=OrgProcess Sorter="Short Name:A"]

after all above statement, I want to write one more select statment like below which will give content based on operations

[Component="Select [Content] Inherited Where [Message Flow]= &Operations" Id=Content]

when i m testing this its working fine in query window but when above statement writing in descriptor it is not working and giving error:

The 'KemYHPf0MXDQ' of the Message Flow type that is in input ('Operations' setting) of the '' selector does not exist anymore.


Pls help and thanks in advance.

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Re: Need help on writing sub query in descriptor



In the inner query you need to have a ParentId statement in stead, something like below:


[Component="Approved Organizational Processes Deeply in Org-Unit (bizcon)" Id=mainproc Sorter="ShortName:A"]
       [Component="Select [Organizational Process] Where ([Owner Organizational Process]=&mainproc or [Conducted Operation].[Owner Organizational Process]=&mainproc) And [Participant].[Assignment]:[Org-Unit]=&Name" ParentId=root Sorter="ShortName:A"]                                      
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