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Moving objects between repositories

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Moving objects between repositories

What is the best way to move objects between repositories?  We have a number of diagrams created in a test repository and now need to get them into the production repository.  We need to have all the supporting objects moved along with these diagrams.

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Re: Moving objects between repositories

Hello RColeman


This is a large subject and there is no quick anwer. Do not hesitate to work with our consultant departments to find a solution appropriate for your project.


There are several concerns:

  • Concern#1: Define consistent sets of objects (scope)
  • Concern#2: Verify that customization of system database
  • Concern#3: Choose a technique for the transfer

Here are general recommendations


If you work with libraries (recommended), use libraries to define sets of objects (including diagrams).
Do not select objects displayed ina diagram by selecting this diagram. Instead use the object described by the diagrams. For ex: to process an Organizational Process Diagram, process the  Organizational Process described by this diagram


Verify that systemdb (metamodel, authorization, confidentiality...) has the same configuration in the source and the target repository.
This applies only if the target repository (where date are imported) belongs to a different environment.


Compare and align is recommended to transfer data on a regular basis. It can transfer changes of data in the target repository.
Export of MEGA objects is a more basic solution for one shot transfer. It can only transfer new data in the target repository.