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Modification Date


Modification Date

Modification Date does not get updated if changes are on a link: ex: if business process is connected to application modification date is not updated is there anyway i can set it to update modification date when an object is linked to another object. 

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Re: Modification Date



In the design options of MEGA, modification date is managed at a physical level

This property identifies change regarding object property only.

This is useful in various procedures when comparing data

MEGA does not want to change this.


Information is available in the repository (link creation date/link modification date) but need to be computed and displayed.

If you need to identify links changes around an object, you can implement a different MegaAttribute (computed).

This required specific design and development and could have a negative impact of performance.


Note also that if repository log is enabled, the history tab (General > History) on object properties displays changes around an object.


Re: Modification Date

I was a little surprised that modificaiton date does not change on links but anyways, I am stuck now.