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Migration Hopex V1R3 to V2

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Migration Hopex V1R3 to V2


As a newbie, I am looking for information on migrating to V2. I have Hopex V1R3 installed with SQL server DB. I've seen in the post that it wasn't recommended to have V1R3 and V2 on the same server.

So, how can I migrate ?

Do I need to install V2 on a new server ?

What about the licence ? Do I need to ask fro a new licence ?


Rémi Tilly.

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Re: Migration Hopex V1R3 to V2

Hello Remi


You cannot use the same machine as an application server for 2 different versions of HOPEX.

If you need to run both HOPEX V1R3 and HOPEX V2, you need two different machines.


One of these two machines could eventually be the database server or it could be a third server.


Regarding the licenses, it it recommended to have 2 distinct licenses:

  • Licence programming changes with version of HOPEX and a unique license may not be compatible with both versions (ex: one product can exist with HOPEX V1R3 and not with HOPEX V2)
  • Accessing to a license located on a different server can be complex a require additional permissions that create security issues. 

To get another license, you need a sales discussion with you MEGA sales representative.